Transience - Lyrics

Dead Empire

Is this where you come to pray?
Same place where I lay the blame
This spirited people with hope in their hearts
An Empire in all but name.

Lay your flowers on my grave say a prayer for the dead Empire
Take my children free your slaves save a soul for the dead Empire.


Is it true that the King is dead?
God rest hands on his sacred head
I rejoice for the King is dead
Let’s all dance for tomorrow.
For tomorrow never comes.

Are we standing on the edge?
Catching stars with slight of hand.
Watch the dusk as cavalry charge.
Another small war over common land

Death of a distant star

I just saw you wave goodbye, say goodbye
Never got the chance to say goodbye, wave goodbye
I guess I’ll see you around someday. Only in dreams or magazines
I just need to say goodbye, say goodbye

And we’ve been waiting, and we’ve been watching
And we’ve talking, but you fly into the heart of me

This is the death of a distant star
I know I’ll miss the star you are
I never knew you’d flown so far
Such is the decent of a superstar

I once thought I’d caught your eye, say goodbye
Just reach out and grab before you fly
All that’s left is essence of you
Only in air and distant stares what do I care

And I’m still fighting always flying
You are beguiling and you fly into the face of it

And I have been trying to find a song to sing
A song for us to sing where no one wins

Rise up

Some write in anger, some write a protest song
Some will write what’s in the soul
Some write for lovers to hide their pain
Some write for sinners in the rain

I will rise up, I will rise up. Next to you.

Some write for, money, some write for joy
Some for a girl or for a boy
Some write for politics, bring down the government
But some just don’t know what to say

I will rise up, I will rise up. Next to you

Some will breathe easy, some will work hard
Some will struggle all through life
Some will hate you, some will love you
Some will hand on your every breath

I will rise up, I will rise up. Next to you


Been three years since you ran away from home
Ran away to the city lights alone
I can’t undo what I’ve already done; my guilt is brighter than a thousand suns
I know I’m breaking a habit of a lifetime
Come back home let me throw you a lifeline

Lowlife, you’ve got no life. Living in the city
Lowlife, you got no life

Hours and hours waiting by the phone
Days are slow but the nights drag on and on
I never meant to drive you away; I hope you can begin to forgive someday
I know I’m breaking a habit of a lifetime
Come back home let me throw you a lifeline

Wash me, wash me, wash me clean

Impulsive Youth

I used to feel like things were just so easy. Things just rolled along.
And everything was such a breeze hey I couldn’t be more wrong.

It doesn’t matter what you’re gonna say
You’re gonna do it anyway
Your future lies on the path you find.
Hit the road and leave it all behind.

Now it’s turned around to bite me even though I couldn’t fight it.


We tell the truth and that’s all we got
We give you everything now it’s time for you to sing
It’s time for love I can see in your eyes, I can see through your lies
And you’re leaving me behind.

Please make sure it’s all secure. You never know what’s around the corner.
Someone help me I think I’m drowning. And I’ve lost the will for swimming

Don’t care what the people say
I wanna run go my own way.
I can hang from a different tree
You can come if you wanna come with me

Watch me running caught on camera. Take the bait jump in the fire

But when it’s over I would do it again for you
If I could catch the tide forever I would hold it back for you.

We are the industrious youth the meek will inherit the earth
We are the protectors of the peace the saviours of the helpless
We are the next in line to hold the throne we are the King we are the Queen
We are the fire we are the skill we have the strength of unbroken will

We tell the truth ‘cos that’s what we got
We give you everything now it’s time for you to sing


Love falls like a landslide on me, Love take what you want while it’s free
Love falls like a landslide on me. Each breath is a desolate breeze.

This is a transience state jump in now before it’s too late
All of you can be as high as me.


Breathe in deep and don’t forget is that the air that tastes so sweet?
We watched the setting Sun and stayed up to watch it rise again
The summer stayed forever, Blood brothers killing time
We sat and talked for hours and hours, those days were just sublime.

This time there is a change in time; love breaks a stone heart like mine
Exhale wash your fears away. A bleed shed your tears today

We are the ones that live in the moment we are the ones who live you life
We are a real kick to the backbone, what is to come?
Hold my hands and dance in the garden; we were the first to arrive
And we stayed ‘til the last

Electric America

In the morning you are the lost soul
Now is the time to shed your guilt
Say goodbye to the friends you buy with no shame

Let’s look at the dynamics of living
All this time against your will
All that breaking down that wall of sound was a game

Let’s return to the start of creation. Is it so wrong to enjoy yourself?
Jump for joy and let your hair down now

Let’s go back to the USA. Things were better in the good old days
Let’s go home to the land of the free. The end of the World is live
Live on TV.

Let’s look out on a World of paranoia
A blizzard of cocaine explodes in my head
I hide in the dark; you pull me apart like a doll

Have you tried to sleep with your ears a-burning?
Bullshit detector on ready alert
Good to receive but never believe just bask in it

Are you on the run from the vultures? These Cities are full of those kinds
Heap on praise just to line their pockets run

These days I like to sleep alone, lock the door unplug the phone
I miss the people that I trust
I cannot fight the turning tide, against the driftwood of my life
Time was never on your side, but it never took your pride.


I, I live in the moment, even the second.
I take whatever I can
I, I see in my children, what I didn’t in me
I should have learned how to smile

I have seen where the garden is growing
I marked where the weeds came through
I have seen what the light has shown me
I only hope that you’ll take me too


I believe (I don’t regret it for a second)
In all that I have done
I believe (You need to live for the moment)
In the light of the morning sun

I have no time to reflect on the bitter tears
I’ve cried a river for one hundred years
This is the breakdown of a scapegoat born to fail
This is my story and it has a sting in the tail

Don’t try to be smart you act so dumb
Don’t stagger in here with your aqualung
Don’t look so hard just look around
You’re only aware of the foolish proud

I just wanna run and run
(Don’t look back)
I gotta believe in what I’ve done
Turn around to face the Sun
(Face the Sun)

Gangland (City of Angels)

City lights shining down on my shadow as the normal’s journey home for the day
As I take control of the city of the angels and the demons all come out to play

The cocaine rush will fill my head, my brain’s awake but my eyes are dead.
I won’t ever learn.
Mama said I was always good but she never understood
She could never learn.

Don’t look around it’s right behind you. On you shoulder ‘til your dying day.

You know there’s nowhere left to hide (hanging out in the city of angels)
You find me lost down deep inside (never gonna give, never gonna give ya up now)

The rain falls on the suburban landscape but the dirt don’t get washed away.
Deep down in the underground the creeps are crawling, the creeps that seep into the day.

Father’s flounder, Mother’s freeze another stench blown in the breeze.
They will never learn.
You people will look down on me but I am in a different tree.
And I will never learn

Breathe deep and I’ll fill your conscience. I’ll be there ‘til the day you die.

Black car

Jesus, dry your eyes. Do you seek forgiveness after all those lies?
Jesus, Will you take me back, back to that place again where it all began?

And I never looked back. Faced forward, faced the flack

You drove a Black car, a falling star. Did you drive too far in that black car?

Jesus! What do you want from me? Have you sang your last song for me?
Jesus. Clear your head. Everyone needs someone. So take away your dead.

And I took that fate in both hands and I made that final stand

You drove a Black car, a falling star. Did you drive too far in that black car?

Don’t look for the scars on my hands. It wasn’t part of the master plan.
Sympathy is what I need. One man’s faith is another man’s greed.
Don’t look for the stars in my eyes. Watch for the rain in the darkened skies.
Don’t try to walk in my shoes. I’ll sing your song if you sing my blues.

Blood Brothers

You saw me doing a war dance.
I caught you watching waiting to steal my throne.
Now the bonds are broken.
You’re trying to walk the World alone

Lay down your guns don't drag me down.
Won’t be the first won’t be the last.

Come follow me, lay your life on the line

We are Blood Brothers
We’re on our way to the Promised Land
Don’t turn around.
Across the ocean to the sacred ground.
We’ll rise again.

You saw me wash the blood from my hands.
Got to keep the wolves from my door.
Do you really want to run me to ground?
Push me down to the floor.

Don’t shed no tears child dry your eyes
You watch me fall. You rise so high


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