In 2011, Lyn Price, Lee Powell and Gary Law decided to try to write some songs. They had all had varying success with their respective bands over the years; Gary with punk/rock/indie band Stiff Kittens had recorded six albums and had seen his music played on Global TV on an almost daily basis, including MTV & VH1. Lyn had enjoyed great success with Welsh Metal band Wild Pussy scoring a...Kerrang! front cover and a huge live following and Lee’s band Rufus T Firefly was still working playing live nearly every week. These days, Stiff Kittens don’t play any live shows and in addition to owning and running his own recording studio, Redrock Studios near Caerphilly in South Wales, Lyn plays in a heavy metal covers band called AxeIIGrind. These three creative people needed an outlet for their collective talents. All three are capable of writing good commercial music alone so why not try to write together? They started to write material in Lyn’s studio and two songs came together very quickly. They wrote “Low Life” and “Electric America” within the first three weeks. The three completed the music between them and Gary wrote some lyrics. After these tracks were finished, they moved on to complete a song of Gary’s called “Rise Up”. They wrote a middle 8 and a solo section and experimented with a song called “Transience”. These two songs were radically different to the hard rock sound of the first two. “Rise Up” is an acoustic guitar-based song and “Transience” was written around a drum loop which they jammed along with until they found something interesting. The song also incorporated a delayed guitar track that dictated the tempo of the song. Lee brought in a song that he’d been working on called “Gangland” which has an almost 80’s funk based sound which reminded Gary of Sandinista era Clash although Lee had never heard any of it. The three continued to write music with at least one good idea arriving every week and decided to record the four completed songs properly. Lyn asked Steve Williams from AxeIIGrind to drum on the four tracks. Steve is better known as the drummer for Welsh rock legends, Budgie. Steve came in and drummed to “Low Life”, “Electric America” and “Rise Up” but didn’t complete “Transience” as they ran out of time. With only a limited amount of studio time available, Lyn asked another drummer, Joe Evans to play on “Transience” simply to get the four tracks completed. After these songs were done, the three carried on writing until they had an eleven track album completed. Tracks including “Dead Empire”, “Impulsive Youth”, “Black Car”, “Blood brother” and “Death of a Distant Star” all were completed in a relatively short space of time whenever Lyn’s studio was free. Although all these songs are rock songs, they are all radically different to each other. There is an eclectic mix of influences that are not really apparent. They just get mixed up and thrown out as the original sound of LowLife. The album itself turned out to be an eclectic mix of punk, rock, pop and acoustic material with something for everyone on it. “Classic rock with a modern edge” is how the band describes it. Joe Evans played drums on the remainder of the album and they decided that they were a band after all. They called themselves LowLife after the first song they wrote together. The band signed a deal with Raven Black Music® earlier in the summer and the album, now named “Transience” was released in August 2012 to some acclaim.
It went to number one in the Amazon Classic Rock Download Chart and has hovered in the top 20 for some time. With the prospect of playing live looking more tempting by the minute, LowLife began looking for a drummer. Steve Williams was an obvious choice but LowLife were a little reticent because of his commitments to Budgie. However, Budgie were unlikely to be touring or recording anytime soon and Steve was available to play. He set about learning the tracks that he hadn’t played on “Transience” and within a few weeks the now four members of LowLife were rehearsing their songs to play live. The rehearsals were going well but some of the songs were lacking some depth that Lyn and Gary couldn’t cover just with two guitars. The album contained backing vocals and keyboards that would be very difficult to produce live with a four piece line-up. They toyed with the idea of recruiting another guitarist to cover some of the parts but in the end opted for a keyboard player. Kev Parry, a classically trained keyboard playing friend of Lee, joined in September 2012. Kev was previously in The Enormous Sizes who were one of the bands that played support to Status Quo in Cyfartha Park in Merthyr Tydfil and have been featured on Radio Wales a few times. In September 2012 LowLife won two awards at the Exposure Music Awards®, one for best rock album and one for best overall band. Even though they are still preparing for live shows, LowLife are writing new material for another album.

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